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At Groencom, we highly value your privacy and are committed to protecting your personal data. This privacy policy provides insight into the information we collect, how we use it, and the steps we take to secure your data. Below is an overview of our privacy policy:

Information Collection:

At Groencom, we only collect the information necessary for processing your order. This includes your name, address, email address, and payment details. We collect only essential information and will never share it with third parties without your explicit consent.

Use of Information:

Your personal data is used solely for processing your order, keeping you updated on the order status, and, if necessary, to contact you. Your data will not be used for other purposes unless you have explicitly given us permission to do so.

Data Security:

We employ strict security measures to ensure the safety of your data. Encryption technologies and secure protocols are used to prevent unauthorized access to your personal information.


Groencom uses cookies to provide you with a personalized experience and to collect usage statistics of our website. You can deactivate cookies through your browser settings, but this may affect the functionality of our website.

Consent and Control:

We will not collect and use your data without your consent. You also have the right to request access to your data, to have it modified or deleted. For questions about your privacy rights or requests for modification or deletion of your data, please contact us.

Third Parties:

For certain functionalities, such as payment processing or shipping, we may collaborate with external service providers. We only share the necessary information with these parties and ensure they comply with strict privacy and security requirements.

If you have any questions about this privacy policy or how we handle your data, please feel free to contact our customer service.

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